Client Intake Form

Below is a simple questionnaire designed to help us get to know you, your style, and your project quickly.. yet in detail. So, please take some time to complete the form and be as accurate and complete as possible. Thanks and we look forward to working together on the design of your home!
Client Intake Form
Type of Project
Building Type
Scope of Work
You can select more than one option.
What is the total square footage for all spaces involved in the project? For this purpose, a total number is fine, or a basic length and width of each room will also work
Level of Service
What level of design services are you seeking? In other words, how much involvement do you want from your designer?
Which space(s) are involved in this project? If more than one space, please be sure to list all of them!
Are there any specific number of room requirements that you have in your design ?
How would you describe your design style, or the desired design style for the space(s)?
Design Style Keywords
If you had trouble explaining your style above, use the check boxes below to give us an indication of what design styles you like! You can check more than one, but don't go crazy!
Please include a link here to your Pinterest, Houzz, etc. so that we can see what you are envisioning and get a feel for design that you are drawn to.
What colors appeal to you for the space(s)? Or, you can tell us what colors you dislike - that is helpful too
Tell us More about what types of materials you preferred to use for your project.
Do you have any sustainability goals or standards for the project? (Energy efficiency and alternatives such as solar or wind power, composting toilets and any other resource-conscious features)
Is there anything else we should know about you, your project, or your space(s). If so, please tell us more!
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the form for your project. We really appreciate your input and insight, and it will be invaluable as we move forward with the project.
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